Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Learn To Speak French Fluently

Quickly Learn French - The Question

As you quickly learn French, it's good to recognize and be able to identify the different ways of asking a question in French. Let's compare English questions with French questionswith the following examples:

Example 1
English: It's warm, isn't it?
French: Il fait chaud, n’est ce pas?

English: Is it warm?
French: Fait-il chaud?

Example 2
English: I am thirsty!
French: J’ai soif!

English: Are you thirsty?
French: As-tu soif?

English: He is hungry, isn't he?
French: Il a soif, n'est ce pas?

You should notice that in the above examples the type of prinicple applied in English is also applied in French. As shown in example 3, as is the case in English, often only one word is needed to ask a question or communicate what you want.

Example 3
English: How much/many?
French: Combien?

English: When?
French: Quand?

English: Why?
French: Pourquoi?

English: Where is it?
French: C'est ou?

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