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Learn To Speak French Fluently

Learn To Speak French Fluently - 4 Easy Methods To Super Size Your Vocabulary

Here is an idea! At your next fast food binge, instead of super sizing your order of burgers and fries, why not decide to forgo the delicious tasting fat and grease and opt for a healthy order of French vocabulary? Increasing your French vocabulary with these 4 easy techniques will ease the vocabulary-type mental indegestion and mental bloating that students experience when they learn French vocabulary. And most importantly, an increased knowledge of vocabulary will boost your confidence and fluency as you learn how to speak French fluently. So let's get cracking and "vocabulize" in order to revitalize your French!

The first easy activity you can do to learn French vocabulary is great for students at any level, and it is a simple way to increase vocabulary without creating too much extra work. Find some old magazines or newspapers that can be used for cutting and find pictures of things that you do not know the words for. Cut the pictures out and paste them anywhere at home or work such as on a piece paper, on your fridge, or on your mirror. On the back, you simply write the word and a sentence using the word. And if you really want to annoy, educate or impress your colleagues, friends and family, you can even do "show and tell" with your pictures. It is an excellent to review and test yourself, because when you teach it, you know it. You can accumulate these pictures and even build a picture dictionary as you learn French online.

The second easy-breezy acitvity you can do to learn French fast is all about the magic. Introducing the Magic Calendar which you can make by printing it off of Microsoft publisher (takes only 2 minutes to do). You can add some extra information on the calendar as a kind of schedule such as important dates for you to remember, holidays like Thanksgiving for November, family events, your child's soccer or hockey game, et cetera. At the start of your day, you must pick one new word that you have learned in your French course, lesson or reading material (see fourth activity) and want to remember that day and write that word on your calendar and draw a picture of the word and/or write a definition of the word in your own French. As each day passes write that word on a piece of paper put into your pocket for future reference throughout your day.These are very effective at getting you to remember to increase your vocabulary. It also helps you increase your vocabulary one day at a time. Once the month is finished, you should have had the chance of recording up to 30 words. This is a good opportuntiy for you to learn how to take notes in a foreign language, and to reflect about each word and what you have learned. The Magic Calendar is a fun way to document your learning, and you can proudly say "WOW, I learned all of that like magic?!"

Fridge magnets are not just for decoration anymore. The third fun activity you can do to learn French the easy way, is to put several packages of alphabet & number refridgerator magnets in a box. You can practice your alphabet pronunciation by pulling a letter or number out of the box. You can also see how many French words you can recall and create using the letters. Dictionaries are allowed. List new words on the fridge as colorful reminders for you to recognize and remember French vocabulary. Also, you can put these words on your Magic Calendar.

The fourth activity that will increase your vocabulary is by simply reading more French books(Ces Enfants de Ma Vie), magazines (Le Paris Match) or newspapers (Le Monde). Make sure you record the words you do not understand then look up in the dictionary. You should focus on the meaning and context of these words and put these words on your Magic Calendar and/or refridgerator and eventually try to incorporate these words into your speech. If you use some or all of these activities together, you French learning will improve in leaps and bounds and less tedious and more engaging and fun.

Learn To Speak French Fluently

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