Thursday, May 22, 2008

Learn To Speak French Fluently

Learn To Speak French Fluently - Back To The Basics (Part 2)

One of the four main basic abilities you need to learn to speak French fluently is the ability to read. Most of us don't realise that when we are reading a text, we read sentence by sentence and not word for word. A sentence is several words in a specific sequence. It is the whole sequence that we subconsciously register. Therefore, just knowing the keywords in a sentence is enough to comprehend what you've read.

The same format should be applied when reading in French. Language students usually make the mistake of reading slowly word by word thinking that they need to understand every word of the sentence in order to comprehend the text. This results in low comprehension despite a good knowledge of French vocabulary. When reading French, you should read the WHOLE sentence or clause at once and you'll learn to speak French fluently. Why? Because you'll be more quickly able to distinguish the sentence structure and also its meaning.

Learn To Speak French Fluently

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