Thursday, April 24, 2008

Learn To Speak French Fluently

Learn To Speak French Fluently - How To Exercise Your Brain And Learn To Speak French Fluently In Less Than 8 Weeks

In today's competitive world, it is not a surprise to see the marketplace inundated with self-improvement products. But did you know that learning a foreign language, such as French, is one of the most overlooked means to improve oneself in North America. And the interesting thing about this is that learning a language has so many benefits that it boggles the mind as to how we fail to see the obvious. We all have our reasons to learn to speak French fluently but why not remind you of the obvious and the not so obvious reasons so that you can improve yourself by learning French and go beyond the workplace to enrich your life experiences and join our global community.

The first "obvious" is that second language learning is more of a cognitive than linguistic activity. Research shows that children who learn French, or any foreign language, out perform their non-foreign language-learning peers in verbal skills and in problem solving activities such as math. It also increases a child's critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of mind. Most of the people that speak more than one language, have acquired fluency from childhood. And haven't you noticed that their pronunciation is native-like pronunciation and intonation? But anyone, regardless of his or her age, can learn a language such as French and improve their cognitive skills because we all know that the single-most determining factors in achieving fluency in are desire and drive.

The second "obvious" is that learning French opens the doors to a new culture and hence new experiences. Yes, you can get a promotion or an increase in income if you speak French, not to mention, the admiration of your peers, friends and family. If you learn to speak French fluently, you will have the freedom to travel abroad and not feel imprisoned or alienated by your inability to communicate with the native French speakers. In this way you will be breaking the stereotype of a typical Anglophone tourist in Paris, for example, and be a welcomed citizen of the world.

The last "obvious" is not so obvious. Recent studies suggest that individuals who speak more that one language have a lower incidence of senility compared to individuals who speak only one language. Also one of the preventive measures for Alzheimer's is mental stimulation. What better way to exercise your brain than to learn to speak French fluently online at your convenience and on your own terms?

In whatever way you are improving yourself, whether it is mind, body or soul you will reap the benefits. So on you way to Yoga class or while your are going for a run or a walk with the dog, you should remember to bring your iPod with you and learn French and exercise your brain. It will not only be your brain that benefits but the 'whole' YOU and your life experiences. Do not forget the obvious. Learn to speak French fluently. Exercise your brain and change your life.

Learn To Speak French Fluently

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